DBM 50 - Dry braking material (friction agent)


DBM 50 is a special medium, which reduces or prevents generating of noise (squealing) between two extremely loaded sliding metal surfaces, when being applied. It is an environmentally harmless, synthetic ester based composite compound, containing high share of solid particles (~50%). It also enables protection against wear and tear and low consumption irrespective of outside temperatures. At correct use extreme anti-noise effects can be achieved, while demanded adhesion is not essentially changed.

  • lubricating range: from -150°C to +1100°C
  • application temperature: from -40°C to +100°C
  • without solvents
  • without heavy metals
  • not aggressive
  • biodegradable base
Instruction for application:

DBM 50 is appropriate for use on rail brakes (retarders) on hump yards, marshalling yards, for rails, for wheel flanges on locomotives, trams, metros and also for open gears. DBM 50 must be applied with automatic equipment. Usage of not prescribed or untested equipment is not recommended. Please check the characteristics of the equipment or consult the producer of it before use.