DBM KL - Multi-active rail preserving material


DBM KL is a coating material for maintenance of rails, which stands very high loads and contains a high percentage of solid particles. On metal surfaces it creates an extraordinary strongly adhesive antistatic lubricating-separating film and offers high protection against wearing out. It prevents wearing out of the rail head inside edge, reduces corrugation of rails (sinus line), prevents erosion of the rail head (anti-crack effect) and reduces the noise coming from the rail/wheel contact.

  • lubricating range: from -180°C to +1200°C
  • application temperature: from -40°C to +100°C
  • without solvents
  • not aggressive
  • biodegradable base
Instruction for application:
DBM KL has an extremely high content of micro solids. This, between other things, makes a high protection against wear and tear and at the same time a low consumption, irrespective of outside temperatures. Dosing of the material is performed with automatic equipment (device). But not each device is in position to distribute this material. Therefore, please check the characteristics of the device before use or consult the producer of the device.