TORAX - Top Of Rail Anti X

X2=Anti Wear out
X3=Anti Fatigue (RCF)


TORAX is a CHFC (composite heavily fluid compound) material for maintenance of extremely frictionally burdened metal contact surfaces as top-of-wheels, top-of-rails, wheel flanges, rail flanks and rail points as open gears; on railways, tramways, metros, ports and industry. It stands very high loads. It contains a high percentage of solid particles and on metal surfaces creates an extraordinary hard-wearing film and offers high protection against wear out. It prevents wear out of the rail head inside edge, reduces corrugation of rails (sinus line), prevents erosion of the rail head (anti-crack effect) and reduces the noise sourcing from the rail/wheel friction contact.

  • lubricating range: from -180°C to +1200°C
  • application temperature: from -60°C to +100°C
  • without solvents
  • not aggressive
  • environmentally friendly


Instruction for application:
TORAX has an extremely high content of solid particles. This, between other things, makes a high protection against wear out and noise, and at the same time a low consumption, irrespective of outside temperatures. Dosing of the material is performed with automatic equipment (special device). Therefore, please check the characteristics of the device before usage or consult the producer of the device.